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Robb Fischer

Director of Photography

As a  graduate of Marquette University with a bachelor of arts in Broadcast Communication Robb has worked professionally in the film and video field since 1982.

It was an influential theatrical lighting instructor that first introduced Robb to lighting as a viable craft to be pursued professionally. 

Working under the tutelage of a colleague turned mentor as well as studying at lighting and film seminars in Rockport, Maine and assisting visiting film crews, Robb quickly developed an eye for lighting and composition and found himself in charge of lighting and videography at the NBC affiliate television station in Milwaukee.

It was this passion for the art of lighting that moved him from the television studio into freelance work as a Lighting Director and Film Gaffer.

After ten years , and  an extensive list of clients in both the commercial and corporate realm, covering national and regional work, Robb shifted his focus to cinematography and videography.

As a Director of Photography,  his resume includes two feature length films, several music videos and an extensive list of national, regional and local commercial spots including the most recent campaign for which including a spot in the 2006 Super Bowl.

Bradd Romant


Like an old work boot, Bradd has seen it all.
From triple shifts, to all-nighters; minus 20, to a hundred and five; stupid tie-ins, 20’ by 20’s on 50mph windy days, road trips that don't end; the "How to be a Grip" book, by Mike Uva; hospitals, factories, cubicles, water parks, open stores, politicians, and everyone's favorite, the rap video.

Yeah, this boot has stepped in just about
everything this biz has to offer.

To say that Bradd has been there, done that, would be an understatement, but he still tries to learn something new everyday. One of his sources of knowledge and great ideas about lighting comes from Robb Fischer, who by the way really does have the best eye in the business.  

Bradd lists his greatest victory as defeating cancer (again) and a carotid artery blowout.
And the four most important things in life that keep him wakin' up everyday?
Well, they are his girls Olivia, Emma and Ava! With a pinch of help from Mr. Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

Mark Maiman

Rental Manager

Mark began his professional film and video career working at an NBC affiliated television station in its commercial production division back in 1984. Six years later he left to form his own small company, MJM Enterprises. After four years of going solo Mark joined forces with a good friend, Director and Cinematographer Robb Fischer to form The Electric Sun Corporation a full service lighting and grip rental house providing artificial illumination for moving pictures.

Mark: "I think what makes Electric Sun different is the customer service we provide. We pride ourselves on our attention to the details."

Mark finished reading the following books:

  • The Early Acharonim
       by various authors

  • All For The Boss                                             by Ruchoma Shain

  • Souls On Fire                                                 by Elie Wiesel                                                          

Phillip decided to take a gap year between high school and college. He went to Jerusalem, Israel the end of August to go to school for the year. Then came the terrorist attach

k on October 7 and the following war. Phillip did not want to come home and he is there learning and doing charitable work.

Adam is a married man now. Sheng is his wonderful wife. And Adam went out on his own and started his own therapy clinic!

Staci is back teaching at school and tutoring on the side. She's my best friend and the best chef in the house ;}

And Buddy Love (named for the character in the movie "The Nutty Professor") our part Cairn Terrier and part 'who knows...' keeps me out walking...and walking...and walking

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